How to Get Started Writing an Essay: Bangs and Tips for Students

Most of the students working on their homework assignments wish to know two things: how to focus on writing an essay and how to start it. In this article, we will discuss both aspects. Plus, we will share some tips on improving your writing experience.

  • Develop a brief and direct thesis statement.

Do not make it bald like “My paper us about…” Be concise and straight-to-the point. For example, “Many people treat Halloween as an American holiday, but it is about the right time to discuss the origins of this date to understand its true meaning.”

  • Pose a question.

If you choose to begin your writing with a rhetorical question, you do not need to provide an answer. Let the readers speak for themselves. You may also start with a regular question, but then, make sure that you have it answered by the end of your paper. The best way to start an intriguing question is “Did you know that…?”

  • Recall a shocking fact or some stats related to your topic.

“It is a surprise for many companies that 80% of their revenues come from their returning customers, not the newbies.” It could be a nice way to begin your essay for the marketing class. Make sure to provide the source for each fact or statistics that you insert in your work.

  • Involve recent discoveries

Even if it is not a revelation, involve some play and show how you are impressed by your finding. You may start by saying that you have always thought that dogs attack cats until you attended Egypt, where everything is vice versa.

  • Describe a setting

It is a tricky mission. Many students start going into the details, forgetting about the main mission of the paper. Thus, try to describe the time and place in 2-3 sentences maximum.

  • Involve a historical present tense

If you prepare an essay for your history class, it might be a good idea. Talk about the events that happened in the past like they are happening now. For example, it could work with the Civil War.

How to Improve Your English Essay Writing: 4 Effective Ways

Why some students do better at writing their assignments than others? Often, it is not because they are smarter or something. They just know the secrets of successful writing. Here is how to improve essay writing:

  • Never procrastinate!

That is the biggest mistake that you can make. Always start writing a paper as soon as you get the instructions; finishing earlier is way better than being late.

  • Prepare an outline.

Without a clear writing plan, you risk facing the so-called writer’s block. To avoid it, divide the paper in introduction, body, and conclusion and provide brief description of each section.

  • Watch out for grammar issues.

You may either use online writing software or special services to double-check your work once it is done. Do not submit a draft without revising it!

  • Read more.

When reading, you automatically absorb useful information as well as memorize the rules of good writing and enrich your vocabulary. Both fiction and non-fiction reading helps.