How to Write a Conclusion for a Report in 4 Different Ways

Students of business schools tend to prepare reports more often than essays and research papers. That is why they pay more attention to the structure of these documents. A report is usually the summary of the results with their interpretations obtained after some analysis and evaluation. For example, it could be a report on business performance for the last operating year.

Of course, students enrolled in other educational programs have to complete reports from time to time. For example, they may have to compose these assignments for such classes as:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Finances
  • Engineering
  • Management and business studies, etc.

Perhaps, a report is one of those tasks where a conclusion matters more than other parts. Often, in business, they only read the final thoughts to save time. That is why you may wonder how to write a strong conclusion for an academic, scientific, or business report. Here are the types of final paragraphs/sentences to consider:

  • Forecasts

Based on the information that you have found during your research, you may offer some predictions for the future. For instance, if you provide a solid proof that the population of India is increasing two times faster than of China, you may conclude that this country is going to become the most populated one by the specific year.

  • Quote

If your report was about economic growth and leverages used to achieve it, you may recall a quotation from one of famous business leaders to inspire the readers in the end. “Longevity in IT business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future world.” You can use this great thought of Microsoft CEO, for instance.

  • Restatement of the problem

You can repeat a major problem if it the hottest issue for your society or company at the moment. You may choose another angle to stress its importance, but be careful: new facts and information are not recommended to include in the concluding paragraph.

  • Summary

Yes, you may simply offer the briefing of the main points. It is a perfect ending for busy people who have no time to read the entire documents.

How to Write a Conclusion to an Essay

Another popular writing assignment is an essay, of course. Most often, college students have to develop scientific or research papers. You should then find out how to write a scientific conclusion as it might be a bit different from a report. However, in most cases, the recommendations above will work. Just make sure to stick to the structure of the final paragraph:

  • A transition to create a logical flow between the body and conclusion (phrases like “To sum up…,” “In a conclusion…,” etc.
  • Opening for the conclusion
  • Paraphrased thesis/main argument
  • A brief overview of the topic sentences from the body part
  • Last thoughts like forecasts

You may also add a hook (optional). Also, do not forget to add a references list after the conclusion if you used any sources!