How to Write a Good Essay Introduction: Start Your Writing with a Bang!

An introduction to an essay should reveal its main message in just one paragraph. You should start broad, but not very broad. There is a body of an essay to provide details. Exclude them from an intro. The audience should get a sense of what to expect from your writing. Narrow down your writing to a thesis statement.

To start powerfully, one may think about involving so-called hooks. Those are sentences at the beginning of an essay which role is to grab attention. You can start with one of the offered bangs:

  • Quotation of a famous person
  • Literary quote
  • Rhetorical question
  • Fact or stats (only those found in a reliable source – do not come up with such data on your own)
  • Joke
  • Anecdote, etc.

In the opening paragraph, a writer should also provide a bit of context to the paper. To decide which information to include in the intro, think about whether the info you want to share offers an argument or tries to prove it. Only suggest some points without persuading!

Also, you should do your best to avoid clichés. For instance, beginning an essay with a definition of some terms may be a boring, ineffective strategy. If you don’t want your audience to tune out, better come back to the idea of hook sentences.

Writing an introduction often makes a student face writer’s block. To prevent it, start writing the paper with a body part. After that, you will know what to include in the first paragraph for sure. If you have plenty of ideas, put them down on a separate piece of paper and cross out those that have nothing to do with an intro or your main topic.

Of course, you should show the true value of your writing. If you cannot believe that your message is important, no one will do that. Stress that the information you are going to share can contribute something to the society or community. Explain why the problem should be solved or the question answered. Remember: if you provide any questions in the introduction, make sure to answer them in conclusion. Those are the main things to keep in mind if you wish to know how to write an English essay introduction.

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay: Final Thoughts

You may read numerous essays to understand how the writer usually tends to catch the eye of the reader. Many papers are available online in free access. However, do not try to imitate the example you find – be original and creative! It is not that easy to make an opening part both informative and interesting enough. Here is what you must do in your essay intro:

  • Grab the attention of your potential readers;
  • Provide context and background on the chosen issue;
  • Come up with the focus and objectives of your piece.

Now you know how to write an introduction to a history essay. It should help you to overcome writer’s block. For more help, you may turn to the professional essay services to get a paper written from scratch.