How to Write an Academic Essay: General Pro Guide for Students

The initial step in essay writing is defining the ideas to include in your paper as well as the title and choosing a genre. Unless your teacher provides you with those details, you’ll have to pick them on your own. To understand how to write an academic essay UK, you should know which genre to pick:

  • Narrative – tells a story from a writer’s life or an imaginary one;
  • Descriptive – illustrates the appearance of certain objectives or people;
  • Compare and contrast – shows how the topics are different and similar at the same time;
  • Expository – contains info about the chosen issue;
  • Persuasive – makes an argument and provides evidence to convince the readers of the author’s truth.

Those are only the basic genres of essay writing. Now, once you select the genre along with the topic of your interest (it still should be related to your lessons and be easy to find on the web), you should move to the stage of outline and thesis statement development.

The main statement, thesis, offers the main idea of the entire writing. You should try to explain why the topic matters and was chosen by you in 1-2 sentences. After that, you should base the rest of your writing map on that central argument. Experts recommend starting with the body which should contain:

  • Topic sentence or main claim in each new paragraph
  • Background
  • Evidence collected from the trustworthy sources of information
  • Examples from literature and real life
  • Conclusion

You may create an essay with two body paragraphs, three, five, or whatever depending on the volume of information you wish to cover. Only then you may move to the intro and conclusion.

Except for the thesis, your introduction must offer some kind of hook (optional) and basic information about the selected question. Finish with the statement. That is how to write an academic essay introduction.

Make sure to add transitions between different parts and paragraphs of your paper to make it sound logical. Finally, work on the conclusion, which includes the summary of body paragraphs and some predictions or suggestions for the future. You may end up with a hook like a rhetorical question, as well.

How to Write an Academic Essay Example: Get Free Samples and Help

One of the harshest challenges is to decide which topic should your essay cover. Here are the examples of some prompts to inspire you:

  • The difference you wish to make in the world (how you plan to spend your life);
  • Recount an episode from your life when you experienced a failure. Share your feelings and lessons learned;
  • Starting your education in a new school. The challenges you have faced;
  • The comical things that guys say to each other when hanging out;
  • The never-ending war between dogs and cats: is it actually the way people see it?

If you lack time or knowledge of the subject, you can also search for online assistance with your tasks. For example, you can hire one of the gifted essay writers from a specialized academic service!